Randy’s priority is to provide value to our clients through knowledge, experience and expertise. He takes a concierge approach ensuring you are fully taken care of knowing we have your best interests in mind.


Randy is a result driven, hands-on construction and project management professional with a combined 15 years industry experience from new builds to tenant improvements.


His value to the team is to provide leadership and support in the overall strategy and experience of your project. The focus is to ensure an elevated level of care, service and collaboration while making your construction journey easier.


He truly believes it is about “who” you choose to work with that makes all the difference.


Jason brings value to your project from a place of passion for construction. With 17 years of exposure in a complex industry, Jason listens to understand what is the most important to you for your project. 


Through early engagement and pre-construction, Jason’s wealth of experience and exposure allows him to see things through a different lens to uncover, identify and mitigate every challenge, condition, and risk on your project. 


Jason embodies the “why” of what we do by defining value through passion.


His success is measured with how much difference and impact he has made in people’s lives.


With experience in managing projects in the commercial, residential and industrial sectors over the last 10 years, Jason’s demonstrated skills are an essential attribute to the role as Project Manager.

Effective relationship building and strong communication skills have allowed Jason to foster great working relationships with clients, trade partners and local building communities. He is able to enter into all various project responsibilities with a proactive approach to deliver project success.

Jason’s daily responsibilities will include the effective communication of the project requirements, quality assurance and management of the project records and schedule mandates. 

He works consistently with our field team and trade partners to ensure site related and coordination issues are addressed in a transparent manner with the project team to ensure the highest level of collaboration to meet the project deliverables.

Jason Kidd


Jesley has 8 years of hands-on field coordination and supervisory experience in the commercial construction industry. He has a specialty in the Tenant Improvement field where it is a requirement to understand the sensitive nature of working in interior spaces.

His ability to drive schedules and coordinate site related activities ensures the project deliverables will be met with highest quality standards.

He comes with a “team based” philosophy to ensure the highest  morale on site and proactively resolves issues. Jesley’s mindset has always advocated for our client’s best interest while consistently communicating with the team while monitoring daily site safety, progress of work, and adhering to building regulations/requirements towards project completion


Jeff brings a unique background to the Collab Management Team. Having started in the construction industry in 1991, Jeff has worked his way through many construction field and office positions in Canada and the USA. 


He learned early in his career the importance of trust and the value of relationships in construction, learning to view each challenge or success from the client’s viewpoint. 


Through these experiences, Jeff has established long term relationships with world class Clients across North America. Jeff focuses on understanding each Client’s goals and with support from our team delivers an elevated service experience to implement and execute project result.