General Contractor Vancouver

General Contractor Vancouver

General Contractor Vancouver

Collab Management is a builder you can rely on to provide quality services.

We take pride in producing high-quality work to complete your job on schedule.


Throughout the design and build process, we are committed to providing you with prompt, effective, and transparent communication so you may feel at ease and assured. Our skilled and knowledgeable team can assist in offering a complete turnkey solution. In Vancouver, we take on all types of residential and commercial building projects.


For a free consultation on your project, please schedule a call with one of our knowledgeable project consultants. Moreover, you can view a few of our earlier projects right here.

Whole Home Renovation

The Collab Management team can work with you on renovations big or small, including exterior work, remodelling, and adding additional suites, including basement renovations. Choosing a reliable partner for your home renovation project is a major undertaking.


In the whole Greater Vancouver area, we deliver on time and under budget. All throughout Vancouver (including Kitsilano, Dunbar, and Kerrisdale), North Vancouver, Coquitlam, Burnaby, the Tri-Cities, Surrey, Langley, and all the way to the Fraser Valley are where we have projects.

Residential Contracting Services Vancouver

Residential General Contracting Services

With the assistance of experts in electrical, plumbing, and flooring, we help in converting livable areas into chic, contemporary, and event rooms, ensuring that the job is done correctly and averting costly errors.


Collab Management has the highest standards for the planning and communication of all of its construction and improvement projects. This enables us to work quickly and finish the duties at hand, all the while building wonderful relationships with homeowners. We will work with you to choose the optimal kitchen layout for your preferences, financial situation, and schedule.


Kitchen Renovation

Your kitchen remodelling begins with a consultation so that we can determine the renovation expenses and evaluate the electrical, structural, and plumbing setup already in place.


Since the modern kitchen serves as the social hub of the house, hiring a reliable contractor to remodel and redesign it is crucial. Collab Management takes pride in developing strong bonds with homeowners while adhering to your timeline and restoration budget.


Bathroom Renovation

We are experts in high-quality bathroom renovations, completing projects in Vancouver (including Kitsilano, Dunbar, and Kerrisdale), North Vancouver, Coquitlam, Burnaby, Surrey, Langley, and the greater Vancouver region as a whole on time and within budget.



A newly renovated bathroom may really bring a house up to date and create a spa-like atmosphere in your main bathroom or ensuite. Collab Management is here to make your bathroom remodelling dreams a reality, whether it’s a complete bath or shower installation, or just new tiling.



We will handle the expenses and timing of bathroom renovation to match your budget and objectives with a competent team of professionals. To give your house a little more opulence, we’ll remodel your bathroom, including the plumbing, faucets, showers, and tubs.



If you need additional space for your family or house guests or if you want to rent out a unit to generate additional cash, laneway houses are a terrific addition to any property. The standalone design of a laneway home is a wise investment that will unquestionably raise the value of your home if you intend to sell in the future.


Our Commercial General Contracting Services in Vancouver

Commercial General Contracting Services

Turnkey projects

General contractors are able to handle a full project from start to finish, from the ground up. In new development, these turnkey projects are becoming more and more common. Moreover, some improvements are delivered turnkey by contractors. The general contractor “turns the key over” to the client after the building is ready for use.


This strategy is preferred when deadlines are short and resources are scarce since these projects are simplified. By entrusting an entire project to one company, an owner/developer must value the knowledge and integrity of that firm. In such an arrangement, trust is essential because the customer cedes some power. The correct contract provisions can improve transparency for the client and strengthen the basis of future confidence.




New Construction


In other cases, a general contractor is required to carry out an independent architect’s design. Simply defined, the general contractor builds what the architect designs. Occasionally, the general contractor offers more thorough design-build services. All project-related components are coordinated by the contractor.


In either case, the general contractor hires specialised contractors to bring the plan to life. The company guarantees adherence to zoning laws and local ordinances. The building’s code-compliant building materials are frequently chosen by the contractor.


Site improvements

Several general contractors also have competence in site upgrades. The site plan incorporates data from the architect, engineer, and landscape architect. The contractor then executes the plan. Certain design services are occasionally offered internally by the general contractor.


Site modifications alter the property in ways that support or complement the structure. One illustration is underground utilities. Electric, gas, cable, sewer, and water are a few examples. Other examples include site excavation, water drainage, and retention ponds. 


Knowing the options for vegetation and hydrology are crucial since landscaping improves the aesthetic of the place. Privacy and aesthetic appeal have similar objectives. Improvements to transit routes are frequently taken into account. This frequently involves assessing the demands of pedestrians, commercial vehicles, and passenger vehicles.



Parking, a shelter, and site illumination are additional site enhancements. The requirements of all relevant ordinances and land-use zoning must be followed for proper site upgrades. To comply with any building regulations that are enforced by the city or county, documentation is needed. The project’s physical integration with the neighbourhood is frequently required by urban planning considerations.



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