Design Build Consultant In Vancouver

Design Build Consultant In Vancouver

An expert who incorporates functionality and aesthetics into a space or product based on the assessment of customers’ or clients’ demands is known as a design consultant. To meet the needs of their clients, design consultants may work in tandem with other experts like architects, graphic designers, or fashion designers.


They contribute to enhancing current visual, fashion, or interior design ideas. Design consultants may also work in a variety of workplaces, including graphic design studios, architecture firms, and retail establishments.

Feasibility Review for any Construction Project

The course of action to be taken in a construction project depends on a variety of variables. 

You might be having some common doubts:

A crucial step in the design process is the design consultation. Before scheduling an in-project design consultation, we like to start with a free 30-minute discovery call or in-studio discovery session when our potential client has the chance to communicate the vision they have for their project, ask questions, and learn a little more about what to expect.


We want to make sure the design consultation is worthwhile to our potential clients because we charge for it. Before paying for the session, you can get a good sense of us during the discovery call.


Although it has become standard practice in the design profession to charge for consultations, occasionally someone will inquire as to why we do so when another designer offers their services without charge.

How Is Collab Management’s Approach Different

What Is Involved In A Design Build Consultation?

The design consultation is an opportunity to discuss any issues you may be having with the current space and to learn more about your goals for the area, including how you want to use it, your lifestyle, and how you want to feel there.

This entails that we visit your project and inquire about what functions well and poorly for you in each area. Then, regarding the scope of the job we are about to undertake, we concentrate on the areas you want to address. Grandiose ideas are the focus of the consultation; we freely share these ideas with clients as part of the value we provide.

These concepts are merely that—concepts. Grandiose ideas that have the potential to become something extraordinary may need to be modified in some way because they may be too expensive or they may not be the best option after more thorough consideration.

Now is the time for you, the customer, to be upfront and truthful about your own lofty project goals, free from concern over the cost or any other as-yet-undetermined issues.

The layout of the area, the best materials to properly display the space, the inclusion of millwork and other architectural aspects, furniture pieces, lighting, art, and window coverings are some of the topics we usually like to discuss. This indicates that we are talking about these things out loud in the space.

We aren’t actually choosing anything. We cannot design a place in two hours since actual choices take time to develop and each aspect has an impact on the next.

Although it is frequently not exactly what we would create for you, we may show you examples from our portfolio of a related project or feature, or any ideas we have gathered, or other internet sources to help you picture what we have in mind.

Remember this isn’t the final product because we usually design something special for you. Because of this, a design strategy must be created afterwards to meet your specific requirements.


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