Construction Permitting Services in Canada

The process of obtaining a building permit can be difficult, stressful, and time-consuming. Our goal is to make it simple for you by taking care of the legwork and providing a selection of permitting options that are tailored to your specific needs and budget.


At Collab Management, we don’t just provide you with permits, but also offer a plethora of services that completely cover your construction permitting needs, from permit expediting to outsourcing, permit management, and more. 


Our Construction Permitting Services


Permit Management

Permit management is important in order to have a perfect submission. At Collab Management we take care of everything from jurisdiction research to document completion, authorization, and application submission. We provide you with detailed weekly reports throughout the process. 


We follow your application throughout the approval process and handle any necessary changes, ensuring that you get your permit to your workplace or job site with ease. 


Permit Expediting

With our permit expediting service you can turn your application into an approved permit in a matter of days. We can provide a physical presence at your city department and also expedite the shipping of your completed permits, ensuring that you only need to accept the permit once completed.


Online/e-Permit Submittals

Online permit applications are quite popular due to the ease of access. However, e-permits also come with a list of challenges such as technical requirements, training, and time commitment. At Collab Management, we have the experience and skills needed to handle the process for you. Our certifications ensure we are completely authorized to deal with your application.


Outsourced Permit Staffing

It can be difficult to find new permit technicians, especially if your profession is seasonal or affected by the economy. Finding the proper individual, offering training, and ensuring you have the right demand-to-resource ratio are all time-consuming and costly tasks. 


Collab Management can handle all of your construction permit needs. You can think of us as off-site employee that has already been trained and is ICC certified, and you only have to pay for the work that is completed! We can accommodate whatever job you’d ordinarily assign to a permit manager on an as-needed basis.


Why Collab Management? 

We are confident that Collab Management is the best company to assist you with your design and permit process. Our confidence comes from the successful completion of thousands of projects just like yours. 


With Collab Management by your side you can work with a team of professional experts with the design expertise, cost-effective rates, and flexibility you need to get your construction permit with ease. We do also offer pre-construction services to make preliminary planning about the construction project. Contact us today or request a free quote online to learn more about our extensive construction permitting services!

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